Our Approach

Impact Changes Society has a goal to improve our communities by any means possible. Engaging people through film, live events, rallies, fund raisers, and back to school events. No one wants to be lectured on how to make things better or what things are bad, so we use creative captivating ways to teach people through entertainment. We would like to raise funds to be able to pay for our films, events, and fundraisers and use profits to donate to local charities, school drives, and recovery programs.

Our Story

We started as two gentlemen who are always helping others at our own expense, but this never really bothered us, we still had complications. We could not get help from other organizations, or access to buildings/permits and other items we need to make charitable events happen correctly. In order to make our dreams of helping others fully become reality, we needed to think bigger than just us. So we have formed Impact Changes Society to get the community to join us and make a difference in others lives. Come take the journey with us!

Meet the Team

Our Board of Directors

Gerald Bradbury


Born to help others and dedicated to perfection. "Buck" is an entrepreneur and does well with his other endeavors.

Adam Steele


Huge heart with huge plans! Adam is a cinematographer who loves to make documentaries and help with building up the community.

Elliot Riggins


"E Mac" is a music producer and engineer. Realizing he can do so much more than just music, he has joined our team and is dedicated to helping others.

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