This documentary is the story of addiction, the lives it takes, the friends and families that are destroyed in its path, and the success of those who are fortunate to survive and walk away. It is hoped that this film will help to educate the public and the communities dealing with the issues surrounding addiction, and to address the urgency of this growing and out-of-control disease.  You will hear stories of lost lives, stories of success, and stories of crime from desperation to supply the habit.  You will hear stories of how opioid prescription medications are leading to an unprecedented surge in heroin use, in addition to other reasons.  You will see why today’s heroin epidemic is not the epidemic of yesterday.

In this 120-minute film, you will meet individual men and women who are fighting addiction, their family members, sponsors, and law enforcement, sharing stories of pain, despair, hope, strength, progress and success. You will also hear stories from family who have lost their loved ones to this insidious disease. By promoting the education of the epidemic and its causes and removing the stigma, our hope is that, eventually, ways will be found to not only successfully treat addiction, but to help those susceptible avoid the disease altogether. We further hope this documentary will provide the needed information for those seeking the help on where to find it, and provide them with the knowledge and hope that they can be successful in their battle.

This piece is made to educate and not intimidate. People get over fears, they can not get past facts and education. Telling any human to not do drugs is useless. People will make their own decisions despite your threat, but if you educate them on why not to do drugs then your odds are better. In addition, it is a warning to watch what drugs you may get prescribed for any certain reasons. Be careful to only use them as intended and to not take them for a long period.

Through the combination of education, local community and public efforts, and programs within the medical community, addiction can de-stigmatized and treated before it is too late. The goal of this documentary is to help those who are afraid or too embarrassed to seek help know that they can take that first step and be successful.

The Premiere

The premiere for our first film, "The War We Ignore" was March 11th at the AMC theatre in West Chester, OH @ 7pm and 10pm.

Public release date coming soon!