Impact changes society


We strive to educate people through a more fun way of entertainment! Utilizing film to keep people captivated while learning.


Fundraising Events

Fundraising for charitable causes is a huge passion of ours. Uniting as a society to help one another is the only way to ensure no one is left out. Let's work together!



Motivational and educational speeches is a must for young minds. We want to impact our youth and keep them uplifted and hopeful by sharing stories, facts, and positivity.


We currently have just finished our first film and are looking to get help doing a premier. The film is a documentary on heroin/opiates and how they effect a community. Entitled "The War We Ignore" we hope to bring education on the subject along with more compassion for those in need of our help.

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Fundraising Events and Speeches

These are not new to us but will be our first ones as the new organization. Hoping to do some very big events this year.

Next Steps...

A little help from everyone, makes a BIG difference for society.